Heartbeat for OSX – pre-alpha release

Today is a long awaited day for me and many others – the first public release of‘s Heartbeat client for OSX.    What is that?   It is a social network client which does not spy on you.   It is the first step in a journey to “create a peer-to-peer consumer platform to empower you to share the things that matter to you with the people you care about”


Today is the day that the mud-slingers, vaporware-accusers and general negative whingers can STFU and see what these talented and principled individuals have been working on all this time:


Here is a video of the OS X client in action:

“What?  OS X Yosemite only?  You sell-outs!”    A common whinge.   The rationale for this pragmatic trade-off is explained in We’re Building for OS X and iOS, not Linux.   This is not a bug, it’s a feature.   Here’s why …

The Indie Manifesto is not just rhetoric.   These guys are building real software to fight the Camera Panopticon trend.    And it looks lovely.    Surprise, surprise.   Apparently, having designers are the core of a project results in good UX!

The code is publicly available at, which is a Gitlab instance.   Here’s a video showing how to clone the heartbeat-cocoa repository.   Nothing very surprising there for Github regulars.

Want to learn more about and get involved?   Check out the website, and especially the new forum section.

Bravo, Oscar and team!   A banner day for indies.    Hot on the heels of the Ethereum Frontier release too!   It is great to see multiple projects pushing towards a freedom-respecting and decentralized future.

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