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January 2018 (2.9M impressions)

  1. Don’t worry, @cassshih. Society won’t tolerate this new wealth inequality. (130K)
  2. I have met @MattSpoke on 7 separate occasions between Jan 18 and Jan 23. I will miss him when he returns to Toronto. (93K)
  3. Lovely photos from the @Aion_Network meetup in Miami 🙂 (93K)
  4. Good to catch up with @lisacheng and @VanbexK of @VANBEXgroup as they hosted @MattSpoke’s @Aion_Network Meetup here in #vancouver. (91K)
  5. Check out who are attempting to do exactly that. (89K)
  6. So @MattSpoke and the @Aion_Network team are in #Vancouver on January 22nd! (64K)
  7. @IOHK_Charles, @IOHK_Jeremy and the rest of the IOHK leadership team have put together a stunning team and have spent 2+ years building something very special in #Cardano. (41K)
  8. I had not spotted yet Felix Lange’s blog post “Ethereum ♥ libp2p” which he published just after DEVCON3 (19K)
  9. If you think “the 1%” are bad now, I think we have seen nothing to what a crypto-elite would look like (16K)
  10. I have made a last minute decision to go to #BTCMiami. The @ethereumproject was launched there 4 years ago and the Universe is telling me that I need to go to Miami.  I want to meet EVERYONE. We need to move past our tribalism. Choose love not hate. (14K)
  11. I am 100% in agreement about 2018, @VitalikButerin (14K)
  12. So on February 5/6 I am going to Berlin. And I am going to give Gav, that beautiful, wonderful man who has been so instrumental to building this Ethereum dream a big hug, and I am going to kiss him on both cheeks. And I am going to give him a big bottle of maple syrup. (13K)

December 2017 (1.7M impressions)

  1. µRaiden has now officially been deployed on the Ethereum main net (220K)
  2. Anybody who says there aren’t enough quality people to follow is not trying hard enough (57K)
  3. $BTC is pure ponzi now. It disgusts me (28K)
  4. Joshua Ashley Klayman has 6 followers (23K)
  5. Meeting @shanselman and @migueldeicaza and the rest of the @xamarinhq crew in Austin in 2013 for Xamarin Evolve 2013 changed my life course (19K)
  6. This is a fabulous article from Taylor at @myetherwallet! They are doing great UX work for everyone’s benefit. (18K)
  7. SUGGESTION – Over the Christmas break or even before then, sit down and re-read (17K)
  8. Great blog post from @ParityTech setting the scene around stuck ether recovery (16K)
  9. Watch these introductions from DEVCON0 in Berlin, 24th November 2014 (16K)
  10. Bitcoin’s illiquidity is going to be a huge problem when the bubble bursts (14K)


November 2017 (1.4M impressions)

  1. Congratulations, @VitalikButerin! And he is still only 23. He can win another 6 in a row of these! (93K)
  2. You have to love meaningless staking (56K)
  3. “Digital gold” won’t be Bitcoin.   It will be physical gold tokenized on Ethereum mainnet. (36K)
  4. Want a “Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System?” which actually works in that primary function? That is $ETH, not $BTC. And that is only 1% of what you can do with Ethereum. (31K)
  5. Let’s talk about #mentalhealth (22K)
  6. I have made a Conflict of Interests Statement on my website and will keep it updated in perpetuity. (19K)
  7. American Idol for #ethereum twitter followers (19K)
  8. NOTE#1 – Vinay is not employed at @ethereumproject anymore … (18K)
  9. Are you starting to hear stories about Hashgraph and swirlds?  Don’t get too excited, because the algorithm is patented.  So that is right down the toilet on Day #1 (15K)
  10. Always is! It is a developer conference. The core of the Ethereum community are technologists inspired by the social possibilities. (14K)

October 2017 (300K impressions)

  1. @AkashaProject updates. More updates will be published in a blogpost followed by a big announcement at #DEVCON3!  (100K)
  2. @ethereumJoseph on @ConsenSys’s much reduced presence at #ethereum #devcon3 over security concerns (36K)
  3. It is quite nice here (14K)
  4. BLOG – Bob’s Next Adventure (10K)
  5. PSA – This is a fake profile, built to promote an ‘airdrop’ which will be a phishing attempt (7K)
  6. Awesome! – Entire Facebook Staff Laughs As Man Tightens Privacy Settings (Onion article) (5K)
  7. This is pretty special – (4K)
  8. Well done, Spanish Government. You have almost certainly guaranteed your worst case outcome through repression. (4K)
  9. Great job, @Puri_sm! “Deep Dive into Intel ME (Management Engine) disablement (4K)
  10. Just to be crystal clear – with my move to @sweetbridgeinc I no longer have any current role at the @EntEthAlliance. Wish them the best 🙂 (4K)