Contact Bob

If is best to start with email to

If you are following up about some prior contact (meeting at a conference, talking on Discord, exchanging tweets, etc) please refer to that context in your email so that I remember who you are.

When we have established a relationship, this is my preference order for communications software:

  1. Signal – text or voice
  2. email (I don’t have GPG set up, but I will for 2020)
    • (personal)
    • (personal corporation – with Alison Alexis)
    • (primary employment)
  3. Matrix ( – text
  4. Telegram (bobsummerwill) – text and voice
  5. Status (QR code below) – text
  6. GitHub (@bobsummerwill) – public and private collaboration
  7. Gitter (@bobsummerwill) – public chat and private DMs.
  8. Twitter (@bobsummerwill) – public tweets and private DMs
  9. Discord (bobsummerwill#0773) – text and voice
  10. WeChat (bobsummerwill, QR code below) – private DMs and voice
  11. Cell phone (text or voice)
  12. LinkedIn (Bob Summerwill) – public networking and private DMs.
  13. Zoom (
  14. Skype (bobsummerwill)
  15. Microsoft Teams (
  16. Google Meet (bobsummerwill)

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 3.00.04 PMScreen Shot 2019-12-18 at 3.56.31 PM

^ QR codes for WeChat and Status respectively.

I used to have accounts on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Reddit, WhatsApp and Wire but they are all now either inactive, deactivated or deleted.

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