Bob’s Resume

Bob Summerwill
Senior Software Engineer and Architect (
CTO and Co-Founder, Varro Technologies
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Senior software engineer and architect with 22+ years of professional development experience, spanning PC, consoles and mobile platforms and server-side Linux.

3.5 years at the heart of the Ethereum ecosystem, with key roles at Ethereum Foundation, ConsenSys and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.  Public speaker and bridge builder.

Stood for Hyperledger TSC in August 2018 after two years of support.

Shipped 20 AAA products at Electronic Arts for 9 platforms, on billion dollar projects.


Bob has been working at the heart of the Ethereum ecosystem since mid 2015.   His work on Ethereum started independently – adding ARM Linux cross-builds for the cpp-ethereum client to bring Ethereum to mobile and wearable Linux.   That community involvement led to a full-time role at the Ethereum Foundation and then a move to ConsenSys and a pivotal role in the creation of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.   He served as Vice-Chair on the EEA Technical Steering Committee. Bob has also been engaged with Hyperledger since 2016 and stood for election to the Hyperledger TSC in August 2018.

Bob previously worked at TD Securities  in 2015, leading their DevOps, tooling and OpenStack cloud migration initiatives worldwide as a key member of a new Agile Transformation team.   While there he organized the first ever DevOps for Banks Meetup in Toronto.

Shipped 20 AAA products at EA across 9 platforms.   Shipped 6 FIFA products.  That is now a $1B+ dollar business.  Generalist with deep knowledge of architecture, configuration management and testing.

Broad technical interests, spanning from wearables, mobile and games to cloud, web, virtualization, containerization, VR and AR. Platform and framework development are of particular interest. Always learning. Recently shipped the first Mono (.NET) runtime for the Tizen OS, and now working on Mono for Sailfish. Loving open source participation.

Target platforms – Products shipped for PC (Win95, Win98, Vista, XP, Win7), PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, XBOX, XBOX360, XBOX One and GameCube. Currently developing for iOS, Android, Tizen and Sailfish, Windows Server 2012 and RHEL 6.5.

Host platforms – Windows-only for decades. Now almost entirely OS X, with a smattering of Linux (Ubuntu).

Languages – Majority of experience using C++ (nearly 20 years experience) with plenty of C# and Python too. Has also used Java, Objective-C, Perl and Ruby professionally. Many other languages for fun.

Development tools – Visual Studio, Unity3D, MonoDevelop, xcode, Eclipse, VC++, GCC, Clang, NAnt, Ant, MSBuild, make, Perforce, Git, Github, SourceTree, JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Hansoft, DevTrack, PC-lint, Understand for C++, Lattix, ANTLR, and many more.  Admin expertise with Atlassian tools and Perforce.

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