Ethereum Foundation People

Help with accuracy of this public record much appreciated.   I will Github it sometime.

This is a catalog of everybody who has been involved with the Ethereum Project in the phase prior to the creation of the Ethereum Foundation, or involved with the Ethereum Foundation after that legal entity existed.

Obviously the list of people who have been involved with the Ethereum Project as a whole since its inception is now an astronomically long list.   That is not the focus here – only on the Ethereum Foundation (lifetime), and on people involved in its pre-historical period, whether or not they actually worked for the EF during that nascent period.

Bold names are still associated with the Ethereum Foundation.


Missing information

  • Kelly Becker
  • Matt Liston
  • “Nora”
  • Frithjof Weinert – when did he start?   when did he join ConsenSys?
  • Sarah O’Neill credited in DEVCON0 video
  • “Roland” credited in DEVCON0 video  (built the space?)
  • Who is “Johnny” who Gav refers to in his first ever email to Vitalik?
  • Are there any other key characters who were are missing here?