About Bob

Bob Summerwill is a software developer from Vancouver, BC.   (See Resume).


Originally from the UK, he has lived in Canada since 2003, and is now a dual citizen of Canada and the UK. He is married, with two young sons.

Bob works for ConsenSys as Lead Architect (with Shahan Khatchadourian) for the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

Following an 18+ year career in the games industry, Bob worked as a DevOps Solution Architect for TD Securities in Toronto from 6 months in 2015, as well as starting work on cpp-ethereum-cross through his doublethinkco company.   That turned into a full-time contract with the Ethereum Foundation in March 2016.

Bob started his career at Sony Psygnosis and then worked on AAA titles for Electronic Arts for 15+ years (FIFA, NHL, NBA, UFC and more), mainly for PlayStation and XBOX.   Bob later worked on Unity3D mobile titles at Roadhouse Interactive and DeNA, followed by a short period of consultancy at the Sony SCE San Diego studio.

This is Bob’s LinkedIn profile.

Bob enjoys running and triathlon.   His race schedule and results can be seen at Athlinks.

Bob’s Domains

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