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Bob Summerwill is a community leader for the Ethereum Project and Community Ambassador for the Sweetbridge Project.  He lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada.   See also LinkedIn profile and Outdated resume (2015).

Bob has made a public and ongoing full disclosure of all associations and financial relationships, to avoid any possible future accusation of conflict of interests or unethical financial conduct.   Bob cares deeply about diversity and representation for all and has been working to build a bridge to mainstream adoption for blockchain since mid 2016.

Originally from the UK, he has lived in Vancouver since 2003, and is now a dual citizen of Canada and the UK. He is married, with two young sons.




Bob works for Sweetbridge as Community Ambassador, helping to develop the Sweetbridge Protocols as described in the Sweetbridge White Paper.   In his opinion, Sweetbridge is the most important and potentially impactful blockchain project on the planet, aiming to create an overlay economy to rebuild the world’s supply chains.  They comprise 2/3 of the world’s GDP and touch the lives of over three billion people.

He was foundational in the creation of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, working full-time on that project for ConsenSys from October 2016 to October 2017.  He co-presented the Technical Roadmap (5:05) at the EEA launch event and served first as Secretary of the Technical Working Group and subsequently as Vice-Chair of the Technical Steering Committee.

That role followed a spell at the Ethereum Foundation, where he was a developer on the cpp-ethereum client, leading a major refactoring and revamp of the codebase (cpp-ethereum-1.3.0 “Homecoming”) and led a failed effort at re-licensing cpp-ethereum which was intended to open up the possibility of an Ethereum client within Hyperledger seven months before Monax made that a reality.   If the earlier attempt had succeed then the work of the EEA would likely have occurred within Hyperledger, with Ethereum and Hyperledger communities bridged by mid 2016.

Bob previously worked as a DevOps Solution Architect for TD Securities in Toronto from 6 months in 2015, as well as starting work on cpp-ethereum-cross through his doublethinkco company.   Toronto is where his Ethereum journey really got serious.

Prior to that, Bob had an 18 years career in video games, starting at Sony Psygnosis in 1996 and then moving on to AAA titles at Electronic Arts for 15+ years (FIFA, NHL, NBA, UFC and more), mainly for PlayStation and XBOX.   Bob served in many different technical leadership roles at EA, culminating to his appointment as the first ever EA Sports Label Software Architect and Chair of the Architecture Council, EA Sports in 2012.

After EA, Bob worked for short time on Unity3D mobile titles at Roadhouse Interactive and DeNA, followed by a short period of consultancy at the Sony SCE San Diego studio.

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