New toy “in the post” – Atari VCS and 20 games

Today I have pulled the trigger on a purchase which I have been pondering since I visited Buy and Sell Kings a few weeks back.

Here what is coming my way soon, supposedly tested. I certainly hope it all works.   I will report back 🙂


From the eBay description:

East Coast Toys and Games:

For your consideration we present a Used

4-Switch Woodgrain Atari VCS CX2600A  Console & 20 Games, Including:

  1. Q*Bert (Label is peeling)
  2. Spider-Man
  3. Amidar
  4. Frogger
  5. Reactor
  6. Donkey Kong
  7. Combat (with Manual)
  8. Activision Ice Hockey
  9. Pitfall!
  10. Chopper Command (Label is severely stained)
  11. Spider Fighter
  12. Tennis (Label is severely stained)
  13. Pac-Man (Top label is missing)
  14. Super Breakout
  15. Demons to Diamonds
  16. Warlords
  17. Yars’ Revenge
  18. Missile Command
  19. Defender
  20. Asteroids

Games are cartridge only. Some cartridges have severe label wear (rips, stains, missing labels and/or foxing). Console is tested and working. It includes a catalogue, instruction manual, 1 Black Quickshot joystick controller, 1 Grey Boss brand joystick controller, 1 paddle controller, A/C Adapter and an RF connector to attach to your television’s cable input. Please note that the select and reset switches are a bit fussy. What you see is what you get. Item is sold AS IS.

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