We Are Wearables – VR and Bob’s goodbye booze up

Next Tuesday night I will be attending the We Are Wearables October Meetup, and the topic is Virtual Reality, which is very very close to my heart.    Who wants to come along?   I know Carla Walker does 🙂    I will bring my Gear VR Innovator Edition along.

It will likely be my last Meetup in Toronto, because I’m heading back to Vancouver.

To sign-up for the Meetup, go to Meetup.com and create an account.   Then join that group, and then RSVP for that specific event.

After the Meetup, perhaps around 8.30pm or 9.00pm, I will be going for a lot of drinks with anybody who would like to join me.    I don’t know where, but somewhere in Downtown Toronto for sure, hopefully somewhere not too hard to get to from the MaRS Discovery Center where the Meetup is.     If you would like to come for a “until next time” drink with me on Tuesday night, please just drop me a mail or whatever, and we can coordinate.   I may well create an evite later, depending on numbers.  Or better yet, come to the Meetup and then we have a bunch of us in the same place to START WITH.


Here’s the agenda:

This month: Hear how VR is changing the world and be transported yourself to new realities with some of the leading companies in the VR space including CFC, OccupiedVR, Secret Location, Pinch VR, Cubicle Ninjas, Cinehackers, Globacore, Quantum Capture, BreqLabs, Proto3000 and Bublcam.

Virtual Reality (VR) is taking the mainstream by storm growing from what is expected to be a 3 million device market next year to over 30 million by 2020, making it a $4 billion dollar industry in just headset sales alone (Juniper). VR’s immersive capabilities has a powerful capacity to change all aspects of our lives from how we play games, to how we experience movies and TV to how we train for our jobs and communicate with one another.

Our evening will begin with Ana Serrano, Chief Digital Officer at CFC who will talk about “What should matter to VR”. Following this, we will hear from Stefan Grambart, Creative Director of Secret Location who will talk about the “Road to the Emmy’s” hot off the heels of winning the very first Emmy for VR for the “Sleepy Hollow” VR experience. The remainder of our on-stage sessions will include a showcase of VR work from OccupiedVR, Cubicle Ninjas, Cinehacks and Globacore before moving into a panel discussion on the impact of VR on our society from film and TV to training and work and beyond.

But of course talking about VR is not enough! We want you to try it for yourself. To do that we have put together a stellar demo area featuring experiences and tech from Quantum Capture, Bublcam, Globacore, BreqLabs, OccupiedVR, CFC, Cubicle Ninjas, Pinch VR and Cinehackers.

PLUS Pizza from Pizza Pizza, Beer from Amsterdam Brewery and other refreshments will be served (we’ve got you!)

This event is free but you must be a WWTO Meetup Member to attend.

– – – – – – – – – –

WWTO’s New Reality event is part of VR Week in Toronto which starts on October 4 with Immersed conference (Oct 4-6) and Kaleidoscope Film Festival (Oct 4). Both events are on our website. You can get $100 off Immersed tickets using code “ImmersedWearables2015”.

To give the folks from Immersed some time to head to WWTO,we will start our on-stage sessions at 7:30PM this event. This also gives you a full hour 6:30-7:30 in the demo area before we start in the auditorium. Note the schedule below.

– – – – – – – – – –


6:30-7:30: Doors open + bar/food + expo area begins (see list of exhibitors below)

7:30-7:35: Opening Remarks – Tom Emrich, Founder, We Are Wearables 

7:35-7:50: “What should matter to VR” by Ana Serrano – Chief Digital Officer, CFC

7:50-8:05: “Road to the Emmy’s” by Stefan Grambart – Creative Director, Secret Location

8:05-8:25: VR Showcase Presentations from OccupiedVR, Cubicle Ninjas, Cinehackers and Globacore

8:25-8:45: Panel: How virtual reality will change this reality forever – a look at how VR will impact all aspects of society from entertainment and gaming to training, work, travel, education and beyond

• J. Lee Williams – Co-founder, OccupiedVR

• Josh Farkas – Strategy Ninja, Cubicle Ninjas

• Ben Unsworth – Co-founder & President, Globacore

• Elli Raynai – VR Filmmaker, Cinehackers

• Craig Alguire – Technical Director & Co-founder, Quantum Capture

• Milan Baic – Founder, Pinch VR

8:45-10:00: Networking & Expo continues with the following companies:

• Quantum Capture

• Bublcam

• BreqLabs

• OccupiedVR

• CFC Media Lab

• Cubicle Ninjas

• Globacore

• Cinehackers

• Pinch VR

• Proto3000

• Secret Location

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