Building an pfSense box – part 1

So … I’ve been doing my first hardware build for a very, very long time.   Back in the 90s I remember buying extra memory, video cards, etc, but this is my first ever full machine build.

I’m setting up a pfSense box for my home network, on Stephane Matis’ recommendation (thanks, Stephane!)

So where am I up to?   Put all the hardware together, and successfully booting.   Now I find that I don’t actually have a physical keyboard in this house 🙂   Off to get a cheap keyboard and then to move onto the software install.    I also need to work out where this box is going to be located physically in the house.   The cable comes into the house downstairs by the TV, but that is a child-ridden danger area.    I might need to run some Ethernet cable up-and-away to a safer place!

20151013_165046 20151015_164714 20151015_164725_001 20151015_172518 20151015_172545 20151015_173637 20151015_173644

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