Bob Summerwill for Recruiters (2015)

What is this blog post about?

I am on the job market at the moment and thought it would be worthwhile to summarize what I have to offer and what I am looking for, to avoid numerous near-identical phone calls and “getting to know you” chats.

This blog post is intended to act as an initial filter to save everyone’s time.

See also Bob’s Resume.


What does Bob have to offer?

  • Nearly two decades of varied professional software engineering and problem-solving experience.
  • Work on application teams, in central technology roles, technical leadership, on shared initiatives, and more.
  • Huge breadth of technical knowledge.   Always learning.
  • Deep knowledge of configuration management, automation, DevOps and software engineering best practices.
  • Still a hands-on coder who wants to be “doing the work”, not just overseeing.
  • Optimistic, enthusiastic, friendly, social, chatty demeanour.
  • A completely open book.    Not afraid to ask hard questions and to point out “elephants in the room”.
  • Blogging and social media presence.   Loves to write.

What does Bob need and want?

  • “Mission” is of real importance to me.   I need to feel that my work is important and is making the world a better place.
  • Remote-friendly roles would be a good fit for me.   Relocation from Vancouver is not of interest.
  • Ability to work on own projects is essential, hence preference for contracting over employment.
  • Probably best suited to technical leadership positions, but individual contributor is OK too.
  • Anything Linux-related would be very appealing.
  • Development work on open source projects as part of a role would be a big draw.
  • Working for a company with open source products (Red Hat, Canonical, Mozilla, etc) would be fantastic.
  • Anything related to block-chain (especially Ethereum) and decentralization would be amazing.
  • Not particularly interested in games companies at the moment.   Enjoying branching out.

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