Dream job – working for Ethereum Foundation

I am delighted to share the news that I will be starting my dream job on Monday, as a part-time contractor for the Ethereum Foundation working on the Ethereum C++ client.


As anybody who knows me will be aware, I’ve been rather obsessed with Ethereum over the past few months, and have been putting a lot of time and effort into the C++ client via doublethink.co, first with Anthony Cros and then more recently on my own.   It has been a real blast.

Now I get the opportunity to continue that work from the inside.  This is a real honor for me.    The Ethereum community is a delight, and I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to work directly as part of the Ethereum development team.

I truly believe that Ethereum has the potential to impact our technical and social landscape to as significant degree as the Internet did in the 90s, and the opportunity to work with the inner group building that future is a once-in-a-lifetime golden ticket of geeky joy for me.

Woot, woot – Happy Hat!


6 thoughts on “Dream job – working for Ethereum Foundation

  1. Hey man….I just invested in Ethereum and I’m very excited and amped up for the future. Unfortunately, I’m broke, I took whatever little money I had and put it into it. Every penny I get going forward I’m gonna try to buy as much as I can until I can’t afford it anymore.
    I’m a single father of two that pays almost my whole paycheck to my ex every week, I work for the NYC Dept of Sanitation and have to deliver chinese food as a 2nd job just to survive. I don’t wanna struggle anymore.
    Congratulations on landing your dream job, I hope I can say the same thing one day or say I landed my dream stock that helped me no longer struggle.
    Good Luck Bob in your future endeavor with Ethereum

    1. Thanks and best wishes to you as well, Brian.

      I moved on from the Ethereum Foundation to ConsenSys late last year, and now work full time on the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (https://entethalliance.org).

      I hope that your children give you as much joy as mine do me. They are certainly the most precious thing in my life, and much more important than any job. But yeah, struggling financially is no fun whatsoever when you have kids. I’ve been there too. I lost my job when my second son was less than a month old. That was very unpleasant.

  2. If I may ask, why did you decide to leave Ethereum Foundation for ConsenSys? And then ConsenSys for EEA?

    Wondering because I’m considering all three companies.

    1. So I left the Ethereum Foundation to join ConsenSys to work on the creation of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). All my time at ConsenSys has been working on the EEA. The EEA doesn’t really have any full-time employees (though it may do in the future). Instead the EEA member companies contribute their people and time to those collaborative opportunities.

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