100% Ethereum

So I’m delighted to report that as of April 2016, I will be contracting for the Ethereum Foundation full time!

I started work for the Foundation part-time just over a month ago, and it’s been the most enjoyable work which I have done for many, many years.    I’ve been working on Ethereum for fun since last year at doublethink.co, and now I can focus entirely on it.

My BlockGrantX-funded work on “Ethereum for resource-constrained devices” will keep ticking along on the side.  We made Homestead releases last week and I posted an update on our status.



The run up to the Homestead Release was a huge rush.    I spent much of my time that week (and weekend) working on the Ethereum Documentation.   If you have not seen that, please do check it out, including the new home of the cpp-ethereum docs.

Thanks to everybody at the Foundation and in the Ethereum community who make this project a delight to work on.    Have a great weekend, everyone!

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