I will never work for Amazon

Today I have been contacted yet again by a recruiter from Amazon:


This is despite my LinkedIn summary starting with the following text:

(Please don’t contact me about Amazon roles. Also ONLY opportunities in Vancouver or remote-friendly please)

This is despite me having already said NO! to Amazon recruiters on numerous occasions in the past few years and explicitly asking to be blacklisted.   They obviously don’t share any information between themselves.

This is all despite me publicly boycotting Amazon since 2014.

Amazon is a horrible, horrible, company.   Please, Amazon recruiters, never darken my door again.   Seriously.    Thank you.

For any recruiters seeking to understand what I have to offer and what my requirements are, I wrote this Bob Summerwill for Recruiters article.   I am not looking for new opportunities at the moment, but that’s what I’m looking for if I become available again in the future.

And everybody, please read the New York Times article from last year: Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace

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