EEA Technical Working Groups Need YOU!


The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) has a number of technical working groups (WGs) already in motion:

Self-organizing working groups are intended as the primary mechanism for members to contribute to the EEA.    There were 30 member companies at launch, and it appears likely that number will grow rapidly in the coming months.   It is impractical for every company to be represented on the primary committees without those bodies becoming unwieldy and ineffective.

HOWEVER, there are numerous topics where coordination within working groups would be very beneficial, and much of this work can happen in parallel.  This breadth of effort should allow us to take advantage of the scale of talent and resourcing available across our collective membership without getting bottlenecked.

If you haven’t got involved in any of the working groups yet, the best place to start is by joining the Technical Mailing List, which is acting as the “lobby” for the working groups.

Please introduce yourself and share your interests.   Better yet, offer to create and lead new working groups where you see a need.    We don’t have heavyweight process.   The most important thing is for the conversation to get started.   There is a suggested template to help clarify scope.  There are Confluence pages for each group here.    You do not need anybody’s permission to create a new sub-group.

The intention of the EEA is not to dictate any kind of top-down structure, but for members to self-organize around their key requirements and needs, and for those groups to make concrete proposals which then filter upwards to define our standards and best practices.    With that caveat in mind, here are some possible Working Group ideas which have been raised in the past and might make sense:

  • Benchmarking
  • Testing
  • Architecture
  • Security
  • Cryptography
  • IoT
  • Best practices
  • Interoperability
  • Requirements and use-cases
  • [Bring your own suggestions]

So please do jump in and help!   Many thanks.

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