Love and friendship

I have stepped down as an advisor to Finhaven (formerly Frontier Foundry).

Why? Is there some terrible problem there, which we need to run away from? No. Just the opposite, in fact. I actually co-located with them in January and am working closer with them than ever before.

Being an advisor meant that I was tying my financial incentives in with Finhaven. I had the option to purchase 0.5% of their Common Stock, but I never exercised that option. I never claimed any expenses, nor received a single penny in any other form. I was “informally” advising them for many months before we had any formal relationship.

“It isn’t about the money. It was never about the money” ā„¢
Bob Summerwill 2015-2018

I am also too busy with other world-changing projects to do much more than talk with FinHaven (lots, every single day). However, the fact is that I am willing to talk to anybody in the world for free wherever I see value anyway. I don’t need to be an advisor to do that. Those numerous conversations are likely providing a lot more value than many “advisors” just in themselves.

I have a similar dynamic with RightMesh, Zipper and, which are all projects and teams which I love to death, and would jump with joy to advise. But the truth is that I can provide even greater value from the outside. That has been the case for me on the Ethereum Project too, where I have been able to do much more to help the project from the outside of the Ethereum Foundation than when I was working for the EF.

Being a friend is the best relationship of all. It trumps employment, contracting, consulting, advising.

Here are some examples of being a friend trumping any formal relationship just in the last few days:




I will forever be a friend of FinHaven and do everything I can to help them.

I love you guys!

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