The events which made my day emerged by accident and were delightful. Letting the universe take the lead has been working very nicely for me recently.

I had to go to Canadian Tire to get a new spare tire for our car prior to a long weekend roadtrip. I needed to wait for an hour and a bit, so I took the opportunity to visit Solly’s Bagels, which was my go-to lunch spot while working at Roadhouse Interactive in 2014. While there, I took some photos to share with my friend Jonathan Polak, who I had been scheduled to meet at 11.30 but we rescheduled:


He said “You should come to my new co-working place on Clark Drive. The mayor is here visiting.”

Sure. Why not. Jump in cab. Done.

And so I have spent the last 3.5 hours discovering a new nest of “new paradigm” friends I did not know I had, as well as befriending Gregor Robertson about the potential blockchain has for Vancouver, BC and Canada.


A key part of that economy is Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, who oversee the Port of Vancouver, the #3 port in North America and #1 in Canada. I hope we can get those supply chains running on Sweetbridge rails in the not too distant future.

Meet Pat Christie, who kicked things off at SPACE. They already have connections and crossover with my buddies at DCTRL and are completely aligned with where us decentralists are going:

They have great industrial buildings on Clark Drive which host a mix of different individuals, bound by their humanity and common dreams of finding better network models for business and society.

Thank you, Universe, for another fantastic day where the new human connections formed are going to lead us all to a better future.

Monday is Family Day here in BC, so I have a great long weekend with my wife and boys planned. I hope everyone else has some quality time with friends and family this weekend. There is nothing more important.

Love and respect, Bob

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