Dinner with Cryptochicks and Varro Technologies in Toronto

I stopped off in Toronto for a few hours on my way to the Ethereum Community Conference in Paris, to meet Elena and Nathalia of Cryptochicks IRL together with Varro Technologies and various other friends and colleagues.

It was lovely to meet more of my tribe in person, though I did not actually have any time to eat before having to dash back to Pearson 🙂

View of the CN Tower looking down Front Street from Union Station.

The cows at the TD buildings in the Financial District.

Inside the Exchange Building.

The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

Some serious building work underway at 130 Adelaide St West, my former TD Securities workplace.

Inside the foyer at 130 Adelaide St West.

Inside the foyer at 130 Adelaide St West.

Elena Sinelnikova (CryptoChicks), Bob Summerwill, Natalia Ameline (CryptoChicks)

Natalia Ameline (CryptoChicks)

Elena Sinelnikova (CryptoChicks)

Mark Sinclair

Hesham Mahrous (Varro Technologies)

Jerry Qian (Bitcoin Bay) and Alison Alexis (Varro Technologies)

Alison Alexis (Varro Technologies)

Ali Pourdad (Progessa)
James Dzidek (Microsoft)

Marc Bellefeuille (Manulife)
Oindrila Hazra (24[7].ai)

Group shot – including Justin Caravaggio at the very back, who must have been away when I was taking the individual photos.

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