Ethereum Community Conference 2018 – Day 1


I gave the opening keynote at the Ethereum Community Conference 2018 on the morning of Thursday 8th March 2018:

Nick Johnson chatting with Fabian Vogelsteller in the front row.

Jérôme de Tychey (on the right) about to start things off.

I got to meet Jason Colby, who was with the Ethereum Project from January 2014 to around January 2016.

Team Parity – Phil Lucsok, Marek Kotewitz and Helena Flack.

Kay Bakker

Jeremy Longley, CTO of Funfair and former UK games industry colleague.

Sunny Aggarwal (Cosmos).

Mareen Gläske, Anna George, Christiane Ernst, Nadja Benes, Lama Mansour.

Martyna Sztaba of, Alison Alexis of Varro Technologies and Katarzyna Kaminska, also of

Stephan Tual of Atlas Neue, Bob Summerwill, James Lund and Cassius Kiana.Bob Summerwill and Jack du Rose of Colony and Ownage.

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