ETC Cooperative joins Hyperledger

I am delighted to announce that ETC Cooperative are officially Associate Members of Hyperledger as of 21st November 2019.

In September, I pledged that ETC Cooperative would contribute ETC support to the newly approved Hyperledger Besu codebase. That support has already been upstreamed, and ETC mainnet syncs successfully.

This is a very happy day, and a very satisfying step in a long personal journey.


Quote from Hyperledger:

“We are very happy to have the ETC Cooperative now a formal part of the Hyperledger community” said Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger. “Even back in 2016, it was clear to me and to Bob that the more we could do to bring together developers from all our different ‘tribes’ working together on common code the further we could go as a whole blockchain community, even if we differ on long-term goals, governance models, or genesis blocks. Since then, the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem (both ETH, ETC, and the growing enterprise uses charted by the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) has made the value of technical collaboration even clearer. Bob was an early believer in this, and to see this idea bear fruit in ETC Coop’s interest in ETC support in Besu and their interest in other Hyperledger projects is a high point of 2019 for me.”

Quote from ETC Cooperative:

“My own Hyperledger journey started in May 2016 when I hosted an Open Source Blockchain Meetup outside of OSCON in Austin, Texas. I was working for the Ethereum Foundation at the time.” said Bob Summerwill, Executive Director, ETC Cooperative. “Chris Ferris and Brian Behlendorf both attended that event and Chris spoke. It was obvious to me even then that moving Ethereum codebases under the mature governance and IP policies of the Linux Foundation was the best way to advance the project. With HL Burrow and HF Besu that is exactly what has happened, though it has taken a lot longer than I anticipated. It is an absolute pleasure for me to bring ETC Cooperative to the Hyperledger table, to help accelerate this trend. We are seeing ever increasing cooperation between ETH ecosystem, ETC ecosystem, EF, EEA and the many other flavors of the “Ethereum family”. Hyperledger is the best possible place to coordinate that collaboration, in my opinion. We have already made our first contribution to Hyperledger – with ETC support upstreamed to Besu last week.”

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