Working for TD Securities in Toronto

In April 2015 I started work as a DevOps Solution Architect for TD Securities in Toronto.   This is my first job outside of the games industry, and my first ever “suit and tie” job. I’ve been in Toronto for 3 weeks now, and am really enjoying myself.

2015-05-03 09.06.14

I have the opportunity to learn about and use a whole range of very interesting, cutting-edge technologies, and have bought myself lots of new books:

2015-04-30 17.09.09

I am also taking the opportunity of attending various Toronto Meetups, with a richer palette of options than in Vancouver, and some at huge scale (500+ attendees).   So far I have attended DevOpsTO, HackerNest and Toronto Techno Crypto, with We Are Wearables scheduled for this evening.    I am really looking forward to the next DEC_TECH, whenever that happens.   Their first session had 300+ people.

I also bought myself a new toy, a Samsung Gear S, which I plan to develop an Ethereum Dapp of some kind, as a personal learning exercise.

2015-04-29 08.06.17

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