OpenStack Summit Vancouver 2015 – Day #2

STORIFY – Day two of my tweets at OpenStack Summit 2015.

Taking Risks: How Experimentation Leads to Breakthroughs

The first session in the keynote for day two consisted of Mark Collier talking to a lot of people about a lot of different projects.

  • There are 10s of thousands of servers at Yahoo! on OpenStack, moving up to 100s of thousands.
  • Pantheon is running 100,000 Drupal and WordPress sites.
  • Magnum is a new containers-as-a-service element within OpenStack. Can drive Kubernetes or Docker “bays”.
  • Introduction of the Community App Catalog, which is a repository containing package definitions. Lots of there already. Grab what are essentially blueprints/templates, including all dependencies. I need to understand how these are similar or different to Cloudify blueprints.
  • Google demoed the Kubernetes setup running on both Google and OpenStack clouds, with near identical configuration settings.

Driving Innovation in the Cloud

  • Imad Sousou (@imadsousou), GM, Intel Open Source Technology Centre

OpenStack update from eBay and PayPal

  • Subbu Allamaraju (@sallamar), Cloud, eBay Inc

Red Hat: The True Meaning of Support

Dare Mighty Things

Private Cloud Dream Stack – OpenStack + CoreOS + Kubernetes

  • Brian Harrington, Principle Architect, CoreOS

Simplify and run your development environments with Vagrant on OpenStack

  • Christian Berendt (@CABerendt), Infrastructure Services Manager, CERN

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