Open source Blockchain Meetup in Austin, TX

UPDATE!  EVENT LINKS:  Austin Bitcoin Meetup, Austin Ethereum Meetup.

Greetings!   My name is Bob Summerwill and I work for the Ethereum Foundation, mainly on the Ethereum C++ client.

ASIDE – What is Ethereum?


I have been scheming for the last few weeks to arrange a one-off Blockchain Meetup to coincide with OSCON 2016, in Austin, TX, on the evening of Wednesday 18th May.


I will be in town myself for OSCON, and I thought that individuals working on other blockchain and DLT projects might well be in the same position, and it would be rude to pass up the opportunity to get together and meet-and-greet!

Here is my OSCON Attendee Profile.   Please do connect!

I didn’t see any sessions at OSCON specifically related to blockchain or DLT.   If you spot anything, please do let me know.

So I contacted:

And I think we’re onto a winner.   Everybody is up for it!


The provisional plan is for Factom to host the session at their offices (thank you, Paul!) maybe around 7pm.

We could do 10-15 minute Introduction to X presentations on our respective technology stacks, so we all have some basic common understanding, and then we just mingle and chat the night away!    Let’s make some personal connections and better understand what everybody else is working on.   No doubt we have numerous common problems and opportunities for future collaboration.

Volunteers for presentations would be much appreciated.

I am very happy to do one for Ethereum myself!

Stay tuned for an official event posting on   Hope to meet a bunch of new people next month 🙂

Please do spread this post far-and-wide.   It is a completely open invitation, so please do pass it along to anybody who you think might be interested.    I will update this article with a link to the actual Meetup event URL when we have that.

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