Bob Summerwill for Headhunters (2017)


[Downtown Vancouver. Image via Flickr Creative Commons, by JamesZ_Flickr]

[Originally published on LinkedIn on 20th December 2017]

This is a follow-up to my Bob Summerwill for Recruiters (2015) article, written in October 2015. My circumstances have changed since then. I now have a wealth of job opportunities open to me through my own professional network, and I don’t really have any need for recruiters anymore. Sorry, my friends!

I have started to maintain a full Conflict of Interests statement which enumerates the many roles and professional relationships which I have, whether financially compensated and otherwise. I also list all of my cryptocurrency holdings.

My Resume page is out of date, but my LinkedIn profile itself is very up-to-date.

What does Bob need and want?

  • I am primarily motivated by global-scale moonshot projects which move humanity forward. Ethereum, Sweetbridge, Tesla, SpaceX, OpenAI, etc.
  • As I have enjoyed working with Vitalik Buterin, Joe Lubin and Scott Nelson, I would love to work with Elon Musk, but for very few other individuals or corporations on the planet. If Elon would like a blockchain group then I would love to take a leadership role there!
  • Short of that dream, I would likely only work for global non-profit organizations (Ethereum Foundation, Linux Foundation, Internet Society, W3C) or United Nations organizations.
  • I have no interest in working for companies whose business models are walled gardens, such as Apple, Alphabet/Google, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent, Facebook.
  • I am Vancouver-based. That is non-negotiable. That is where my home and family are. I have been remote working since October 2015. Travel is becoming more possible as my children get older but is always an imposition on my family life. See my travel history and planned travel for a taste of my current tolerance.
  • I have no interest in being an employee ever again, and am only considering Consultant, Contractor or Advisor arrangements. Or better yet, friendship.
  • I deplore software patents. I am not willing to sign NDA agreements. Trust me or do not trust with private information as you see fit. Companies do not own their employee’s brains. Ideas should be free. Unnecessary secrecy is repugnant. It is execution which has the real business value, not the ideas themselves, which are two-a-penny.
  • Money does not motivate me. Being in a position to progress humanity does.
  • I am willing to accept cryptocurrencies or cryptoassets as payment for my services, as long as I have sufficient $CDN income to make my mortgage payments and to pay for the cost of raising my children, and of my modest middle-class lifestyle.

What does Bob have to offer?

  • Two and half years at the heart of the Ethereum and blockchain ecosystem, with key roles at the Ethereum Foundation, ConsenSys, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and now Sweetbridge. Extensive connections and positive relationships. Great breadth of blockchain knowledge.
  • Over two decades of varied professional software engineering and problem-solving experience. See the Projects section of my LinkedIn profile for a full accounting.
  • Work on application teams, in central technology roles, technical leadership, on shared initiatives, and on global-scale open source projects.
  • Huge breadth of technical knowledge. Always learning.
  • Deep knowledge of configuration management, automation, DevOps and software engineering best practices.
  • Optimistic, enthusiastic, friendly, social, chatty demeanour. Good interpersonal skills.
  • A completely open book. Not afraid to ask hard questions and to point out “elephants in the room”.
  • Blogging and social media presence. Loves to write.
  • PSA – Bob is already living in the future paradigm to a certain degree, which sometimes causes some tensions with the present.

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