Why I am speaking at ETC Summit

So I am delighted to announce that I will be speaking at ETC Summit in Seoul this September.

For anybody who isn’t familiar with my personal history, I started following Ethereum in February 2014, meeting Vitalik for the first time in July of that year. I became an active part of the Ethereum community in 2015, initially working on cross builds for Linux mobile and wearables.

I joined the Ethereum Foundation in February 2016 to work on cpp-ethereum and Solidity, so I was “on the inside” at the time of the DAO Fork. I had a front-row seat for all of the drama that summer:

Later that year I presented on Ethereum for Resource Constrained Devices at DEVCON2 in Shanghai. Shortly after that I joined ConsenSys to help create the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), where I was the Vice-Chair of the Technical Steering Committee.

So why am I attending ETC Summit? Because the tribalism we see throughout blockchain as a whole is self-defeating nonsense and we need to knock it on the head. As I said there in 2016, we all have an awful lot more in common than we have differences, and we need to start working together on common goals if we want blockchain to succeed. We are brothers-and-sisters in crypto. If you must have an enemy, look at the status quo, not at each other!

Who benefits from the current divide-and-conquer? Not us, that is for sure.


I had a long tweet-storm on this topic in January which I turned into A Call for an End to Tribalism in Ethereum blog post, which was then the basis for my keynote talk at the Ethereum Community Conference in Paris this March:


So, I have been working on multiple peace-missions to try to bring the various factions of the Ethereum community together, and across the whole of blockchain for months on end now, and it is time for us to look to the future, which has many chains.

We need interchain technology. We need sidechains. We need state channels. We need off-chain. We need permissioned chains. We need permissionless chains. We need everything. There is no one-size-fits-all-solution.

Let’s work together and build the decentralized future which we all want to see.


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